How to use Helper Methods in .NET MVC?

Introduction Helper Methods are nothing but simply extension methods. If you are wondering what actually an extension method is then check this. This post will talk about different types of helpers -: HtmlHelpers UrlHelpers Implementing both of them is same like implementing extension methods. Before implementing them it is important to know why we will implement them. Things can also work without them also. Why Implement Helper Methods?

How to integrate CcAvenue payment gateway in ASP.NET MVC ?

Prerequisites You should have a ccavenue account. Problem The second step is the problem I faced while integrating the ccavenue page.I found out that most of the people were finding the same.As we are developing something we need to first test it in development environment. Inside your ccavenue account they have already given you the access code,merchant Id and access key for a url.But those credentials will only work if you are redirecting to the ccavenue page from that url only.