How to create logging and connect locally hosted website to database?

This post is a continuation of my previous post.Here we will see how we can create a login and connect your web application to the database.

In real life scenarios when we are hosting the website on the IIS and we also have the application pointing to a database then we need to have proper logging and proper permissions set up.If not then we will get a yellow screen saying…

Cannot open database database-name requested by the login. 
The login failed.Login failed for user IIS APPPOOL\App-pool-name.

App-pool-name is generally the name under which you have hosted the website on IIS.


  • Already hosted website on IIS.
  • Already created database lets say Test.


  • Expand the security tab and then right click on Logins.


  • Select the new Login option.


  • In general tab put the login name as IIS APPPOOL\app-pool-name.In my case its login name is IIS APPPOOL\ .


  • Click on User Mapping tab on the left and select master and test.Below on the database role membership for master select the db_owner.Click Ok.

User Mapping

  • Point your web application to the Test database.

Point Application To Test Database

Yeah!! Now you have hosted website locally and connected to database as well.

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