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Exclude requests from being intercepted by Http Inspector Angular 5

Introduction So angular 4.3 introduced a cool concept “Http Interceptors”. These can intercept your request and responses where you can modify them in a very clean way. We use these interceptors for various purposes like adding an auth token to each request, to show a loading icon meantime the request is being processed etc. One of the challenges that I faced is that these interceptors will catch all the request and responses and Angular 5 does not provide a clean way of excluding some request from being intercepted by a particular interceptor.


Introduction LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. LINQ helps us in querying objects. Introduction of LINQ is a great advantage for developers because as a developer if you have ORM(Object Relation Mapping) framework like Entity Framework then you do not need to write SQL queries. Linq can help you query your business objects as well. LINQ helps to query Objects in memory (Collections) Databases (Entities) XML ADO .NET (DataSets) Why Linq?

How to use Helper Methods in .NET MVC?

Introduction Helper Methods are nothing but simply extension methods. If you are wondering what actually an extension method is then check this. This post will talk about different types of helpers -: HtmlHelpers UrlHelpers Implementing both of them is same like implementing extension methods. Before implementing them it is important to know why we will implement them. Things can also work without them also. Why Implement Helper Methods?

Extension Methods

Introduction This post is about how we can take the advantage of Extension methods that is available in C#. This post will cover everything about C# extension methods. This is one of the posts under knowing C# better. In this post I will explain how we can create extension methods and how extension methods are used in real life situations. Imagine there is a class file and some methods in the file which does some task.

How to Upload File to Amazon S3 Bucket?

Introduction S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. It is one of the many services provided by Amazon. This post is all from my experience and what I have learnt during my short professional career. If you are talking of Amazon storage services then it is a very big and unending topic to write on but here I will take example of a simple file to upload into the bucket. Not only uploading but is very important to write the code in an effective way such that it is easy to understand and make subsequent changes easily.

We destroyed it!!!Not knowing our infrastructure cost us BIG TIME!!!

Introduction Of late I have not been writing posts that are related to coding. Of late things are mostly related to experiences. But keep calm. More posts related to coding are coming soon. Keep following for more updates as they say 😉 We destroyed it……Not knowing our infrastructure cost us BIG TIME!! This line goes way back to the late 2016’s and the early 2017’s when I was working with a startup as a software developer.

Cracking Tech Interviews/Landing In A Job

This post is all about the tips and tricks about cracking tech interviews. This is not at all a technical post. Nothing technical here but I myself have been in the situation where I was forced to look for jobs due to some unwanted situations and there I learned how to get a job. This post is meant for all who are looking to crack interviews and hence get a job.

How to Write Good Code/Be a better programmer?

Introduction This post is all from my experience and what I have learnt during my short professional career. Of course this is a very big topic and unending topic to write on but as a coder/developer/programmer it is very important to write the code in an effective way such that it is easy to understand and make subsequent changes easily.I will give you few tips which will certainly help you in writing code in a better way.

How to Set up Miniprofiler with ASP .Net MVC EntityFramework 6 CodeFirst??

What is a Profiler? Profiling helps in gathering information about an executing application, i.e how much time is spend where which in turn helps allowing to determine those improvements that are required in the application. Anything that helps us do profiling is called as a profiler. Read more about why profilers and good .NET profilers. One of them is Miniprofiler MiniProfiler Miniprofiler is developed by the famous team at StackOverflow.

How to create logging and connect locally hosted website to database?

This post is a continuation of my previous post.Here we will see how we can create a login and connect your web application to the database. In real life scenarios when we are hosting the website on the IIS and we also have the application pointing to a database then we need to have proper logging and proper permissions set up.If not then we will get a yellow screen saying…